Installing Linux Cable Drivers


Linux Cable drivers

If you’re running linux you may need to install Xilinx’s cable drivers to communicate with the blackboard. Xilinx includes the necessary files and scripts but does not install them on some systems. To install the cable drivers you will need root access. If you aren’t the system administrator you will need to ask your admin for help.

Steps to install the Linux cable drivers

After you’ve installed Xilinx tools follow these steps to install the correct driver: (Note, since you may only have Vivado or SDK installed replace (toolname) below with Vivado or SDK respectivly and replace (version) with the version you have installed.)

  1. Navigate to /opt/Xilinx/(toolname)/(version)/data/xicom/cable_drivers/lin64/install_script/install_drivers/ .
  2. Gain root access (through su, or use sudo in front of the command in the following step).
  3. In the directory run the install_drivers script.


To install the Drivers included with Vivado 2017.4, installed to the default path, you can run the following commands if you have sudo privilege:

$ cd /opt/Xilinx/Vivado/2017.4/data/xicom/cable_drivers/lin64/install_script
$ sudo ./install_drivers