Project 13 HDMI Controller

Creating a VGA controller and connecting it to VGA to HDMI converter to create HDMI signals



In this project you will learn about what is VGA and how it works. You will then set up an HDMI module that converts VGA signals into HDMI signals.


Refer to Background materials to your right to learn about VGA and HDMI.


1. Create a VGA Controller

Set up a VGA Controller and prove its correctness using Vivado Simulator and/or running it on the board and having a display connected (solid color screen).

2. Add hdmi_tx IP and the Clocking Wizard IP to create an HDMI Module

Display a solid color on the screen using the HDMI port on the Blackboard.

3. Display a crosshair through HDMI

Display a crosshair pattern through the HDMI Module

4. Display a moving 5x5 pixel solid color square via HDMI

Find out a way to display 5x5 pixel solid color square that moves via HDMI.


1. Rotating Crosshair Pattern on HDMI

Create a rotating crosshair pattern on our Blackboard via the HDMI port

2. Ping-Pong Game

Create a ping-pong game using the Blackboard.